At first glance, what appears to be a photo-realistic image abstracts beautifully upon approach.
— Niclas Hjelm, co-creator of the Morton Court Mosaic Process

Production and Installation

Our mosaics are comprised of 5/16 inch Vitreous glass tiles, manufactured in Italy. We have chosen these tiles for their superior color and quality characteristics. One square foot of mosaic contains 840 meticulously hand set tiles. Your mural will have permanency of color, unlike hand painted murals which require touch-ups every few years. To ensure the utmost quality, consistency and control, all murals are fabricated in our Pasadena, California facility.  Then our experienced team will professionally install the mosaic on site, within a matter of days.

Professional production and installation by our dependable crew of builders and installers ensures your mosaic will meet our high standards. Morton Court Mosaic murals hold up wonderfully, requiring virtually no maintenance and cleaning, making them a great solution for art in public spaces. For an exterior installation, the installation wall must be flat, and prepped with a smooth, cement-based scratch coat. Our crew will begin by applying a cementitious fortified thin-set mortar. After the tile placement, the mosaic is finished with a non-sanded grout.

For interior display, our mosaic murals are comprised of the same glass tiles, but affixed to a wedi board substrate with cementitious material, and then finished with a clear silicone grout.  The frame is custom-built to customer’s specifications, and will feature a French cleat hanging mechanism on the back.  Mosaic weight is approximately 3lbs per square foot, not including the weight of the frame.

While our mosaic images look distinct and vivid from a distance, they also beg closer inspection, upon approach, thanks to the beauty of the materials. 


Morton Court Mosaic Studio in Pasadena, California