Contemporary Pointillism.
— Roberta Carasso, Coast Magazine

About Morton Court Mosaics

Our mosaics are an excellent solution for large scale fine art, both indoor and outdoor applications, with exceptional durability, and eye-catching colors and textures that invite viewers to come close. We have installed unique, custom-built mosaics across the United States.  Using a proprietary process invented by artist Kenton Nelson and his team, our mosaics are created using the finest Italian glass tiles, and hand-built at our studio in Pasadena, California.

If you are an interior designer, private art collector, contractor, restaurant owner, or real estate developer, you can benefit from contacting us for a free quote, to see if a Morton Court Mosaic would be suitable for your space.  Whether for public art or private, indoor or outdoor, the impactful designs and the beauty of the individual tiles in a Morton Court Mosaic are bound to captivate your audience, and transform your space.

Eye-catching, contemporary, and timeless, the art of Kenton Nelson in glass tile mosaic might be just what you are looking for.  From a distance, viewers can enjoy the striking, heroic image, and upon approach, the mosaic abstracts beautifully into shimmering glass pixels.